Cold. Calculating. Profit-oriented.
That’s how Dr. Terri Levine describes her experience in corporate America. As a senior executive in a major healthcare corporation, Terri was well on her way to becoming a rising star in the business world. And yet…something was off. While the company she worked for continued to generate substantial profit, the employee and client turnover rate was massive. A continuous revolving door of new faces was a fairly accurate indicator of one thing: no one seemed willing to make a long-term commitment. Instead of working towards the cultivation of mutually profitable relationships, Terri found that her job requested one thing, and one thing only of her: increasing profit.
Fed up with this normative discourse, Dr. Levine left her lofty position to strike out on her own. Determined to uproot the traditional business model which treated employees, vendors, and clients alike, as variables in an equation, rather than human beings, she decided it was time for a radical change in the way people do business. Twenty years of experience coupled with her unyielding passion quickly led Dr. Levine to become one of the most successful business strategists, keynote speakers, and bestselling authors.

Today, among her various other titles, Dr. Levine is honorable dubbed the Guru of Coaching and is the proud founder and CEO of Heart-repreneur®. Her latest book, Turbo Charge Your Business, has even been nominated for the Best Personal Development Book of the Year. Of her guiding principles, Dr. Levine’s approach to business is what she describes as “heart-centered.” Put simply, the heart-centered philosophy focuses on teaching businesses to bring the human component back into their relationships, with regard to both clients and employees, so as to build long-lasting, mutually profitable relationships.
“I started Heartrepreneur® because I wanted to teach people how to sell, without selling at people…we’re creating a movement that’s all about doing business differently.”
To date, Dr. Levine has helped over 5,000 clients in 239 industries grow their business and generate a higher annual income. When she’s not traveling the world, speaking at seminars or doing interviews for Forbes Magazine, Dr. Levine is also the host of the hit podcast, Heart-repreneur® Radio. Through compact 15 minutes episodes, listeners get to act as a fly on the wall as she grills some of the most successful entrepreneurs, consultants, and CEO’s of our time.

Although she has been podcasting for some time now, initially radio was Dr. Levine’s medium of choice for the majority of her broadcasts. However, after a few years on the air, she began to realize some of the inherent limitations of radio broadcasting, namely the dilemma of time. If her listeners weren’t available at the exact hour of her show then the content would be lost. In order to maximize her reach and help as many people as possible, Dr. Levine made the switch to podcasts and has never looked back. “I realized that most people didn’t listen to the radio anymore, they listened to podcasts instead. It felt like a great way to educate people.”
While Dr. Levine was a veritable wealth of information and had a great number of tips and insights to offer newbie podcasters, one thing in particular stuck out. She said, “When it comes to podcasting, it’s all about being interested, not interesting.”
Wait. Isn’t a podcast by definition about creating content for your subscribers?
Absolutely! That is exactly why Dr. Levine says that it’s critical that you be genuinely interested in the topic and people you are interviewing, even more so than cultivating an “interesting persona.” Of course, the first step of beginning any podcast is to identify who your audience is and what content you’ll be providing them with but… perhaps equally important, is the idea that you bring a certain selfish component into the show. If you’re not interested in the people you chose to interview, or the content that you’re pushing, it will undoubtedly come across that way in your episodes.
In fact, one of Dr. Levine’s core values in her heart-centered approach to business is honesty, specifically the idea of “speaking openly and being fully transparent at all times.” That doesn’t just refer to your business deals. In many ways, beginning a podcast can be likened to entering into a contract with your listeners, and you owe it to them and yourself to present truest, most authentic version of you while on the air.
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