Marketing New Products: Whetting The Consumers’ Appetite With Chef Marie-Dominique Rail

  Marketing new products is an absolutely daunting task, so you’ve got to know how to take baby steps before going big. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing not only your new product, but even your company and your own personal reputation as an entrepreneur. Tracy Hazzard is joined by Chef Marie-Dominique Rail, an acclaimed chef and...... Read More

MMM – Marinating Your Marketing

  When you first meet someone, rarely do they automatically know you, like you, and trust you. Most of the time, just like cooking, you have to marinate them into the goodness. On today’s show, Tracy Hazzard and guest co-host Juliet Clark talk about marinating your marketing. Putting out something isn’t good enough. You’d want...... Read More

Life On The Outside With Lucy Copp

  A huge part of a podcast host’s job is to tell his or her guest’s story in the most compelling way. Producer and writer Lucy Copp is the host of Life on the Outside podcast which features the stories of healing and change of some of LA’s ex-lifers. On today’s episode, Lucy joins Tracy...... Read More

How To Ensure Your Podcast Is Growing With Shanna Lee

  Growth is the key to the continued success of any venture, and this holds very true for podcasts. While growing your podcast may not necessarily be one-size-fits-all, there are certain measures you can take to ensure that’s the direction you’re moving in. Tracy Hazzard sits down with Shanna Lee of The Soul Frequency Podcast...... Read More

Unconventional Podcasting Advice With Belle Robertson

  A message as important as sobriety should be delivered with passion and honesty. In this interesting episode, Tracy Hazzard interviews unique Center of Influence, Belle Robertson. Belle is a writer, host of Sober Insights, and sober coach at Tired of Thinking About Drinking. Aiming to deliver her message to the right audience in the...... Read More

Peppering Marketing Tone

  The tone with which any company does their marketing is just as important to their brand as their logo, their aesthetic, and every other aspect we associate with a “brand.” But a successful and appropriate marketing tone cannot be established without building up a good level of authenticity. Today, Juliet Clark of Super Brand...... Read More

Making Your Podcast Funny: Bringing Out The Funny With Stephanie McHugh

  Humor is probably one of the strongest suits a speaker could wear when they want to bring people over to their table. Unfortunately, being funny is not easy. Switching it up, host Tracy Hazzard brings on Stephanie McHugh who is not a podcaster but a comedian. Also a motivational speaker and a humor coach,...... Read More

Ellevate Women: Growing A Community Through Podcasting With Kristy Wallace

  One great way of growing your business is by growing your community. This is one of the many things that Kristy Wallace has done as the CEO of Ellevate Network. Putting women at the forefront of what she does, Kristy is responsible for executing their mission of changing the culture of business from the...... Read More

The Podcast Gender Wage Gap With Jeanine Wright

  Gender stereotypes affect every part of our lives, be that in our own private and personal lives or our jobs. Just as it penetrates across the physical spaces, issues on gender is also felt in the technological space. Tackling the gender wage gap happening in the podcasting industry, host Tracy Hazzard sits down with...... Read More

Connecting Extraordinary Women And Showcasing Their Stories With Kami Guildner

  There are so many extraordinary women out there who are living and putting their best selves out in the world. Connecting and bringing them together in her award-winning podcast called Extraordinary Women Radio, Kami Guildner showcases the stories of these women living out loud in voice, vitality, and vigor. In this episode, Kami shares...... Read More
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