Rodney Flowers: Turning Tragedy into Triumph

There is no preparation for tragedy.   Despite all our best efforts, ingenious planning, and ambitious goals, no one can manipulate the future. The result of this ineptitude is that you can also never be sure what is waiting right around the corner for you.   For Rodney Flowers, it was quadriplegia.   Rewind all the way back to 1993, it was Rodney’s sophomore year in high school, and the first game of the football...... Read More

Wrapping Up International Women’s Day with Tracy Hazzard

  Podcasting is not just audio content but also a platform where you can grow an audience and build authority. On top of all that, it is certainly an effective approach to get your voice out there. International Women’s Day showcased the power of the voice a woman seizes. As we wrap up this celebration, it is truly grateful to have our guests, the great women podcasters, grace our show and give inspiration. In this...... Read More

Customer Conversations And Social Media with Stefanie LaHart

  Converting real-world customers is really all about having customer conversations. Social media strategist Stefanie LaHart teaches people how to create micro-scripts or taglines to start conversations. These micro-scripts are one-liners to get people invested enough that they stop doing whatever they’re doing and get interested. Stefanie discusses more about customer conversations, traditional PR versus digital marketing and social media, clickbaits, DEF CON, and running her eleventh marathon. — Watch the episode here: Listen to...... Read More

The Bottom Line Show – Capturing Experts On Cam with Dame Lillian Walker

  It is absolute that podcast interviews is a great source of audio content, but adding cameras as a twist is something to look into. Dame Lillian Walker, TheBottomLineShowLIVE™ host and former Director of Mass Media and Marketing Production for the Home & Garden Show, gives us an idea about the concept of doing radio talk shows live. In this medium, she features people who are experts in their in industry whatever their niche and...... Read More

Choosing Happiness with Esateys Stuchiner

  Happiness is a choice, whether we know that or not. It is the main core of what people truly desire. Life coach Esateys Stuchiner says oftentimes, we cover our happiness with so many belief systems, programs, and ideas of how we’re supposed to be that we fail to allow ourselves to feel the happiness of what it is being in the moment that brings to us. Esateys co-hosts the Relationships Done Different podcast with...... Read More

Getting High On Love with Aleah Ava

  Every relationship has its own distinctive struggles and not one is faultless. Despite each struggle, what keeps a relationship tough and unyielding is love. Couples going through relationship challenges tend to fix it their way but when all else fails, Aleah Ava could be the one you need. A women’s love addiction mentor, recovering love addict, feeling advocate, and podcast host of Addicted To Love, she sheds light on the difference between love and...... Read More

Connecting and Building Relationships with Carolyn Rivera

  No man is an Island and you can’t make it to the end without building relationships. Carolyn Rivera, the host of The Carolyn Rivera Show, shares her thoughts about connecting and building relationships with people. When you want to be successful, you’ve got to fill in those gaps because everyone is going to have different skill sets that they would be bringing to the table. Carolyn highlights the significance of connecting with people regardless...... Read More

Defining Your Identity with Phoebe Mroczek

  As Simon Sinek puts it, you have to find your why to be a successful entrepreneur and leader. The importance of defining your purpose is unquestionable but it is not the same with Phoebe Mroczek – marketing strategist and podcast host of Unbecoming. She throws light on this belief as she explains why it is more important to define your who first before exposing your why. On the side, she gives her insights on...... Read More

Balance For Better Life And Harmony with Dr. Elizabeth Hoefer

  We’ve all heard people say that if it doesn’t hurt, don’t fix it. But what if you’re getting some symptoms and something just feels off? Dr. Elizabeth Hoefer, Blair-specific chiropractor and host of the podcast Is Your Head On Straight, says balance is huge. When you have balance and your body is in alignment, you feel fantastic and you’re not limited in your movement. Sharing how Blair chiropractic works, Dr. Hoefer highlights the importance...... Read More

Productivity – Winning Our Tug Of War With Time with Penny Zenker

  So many people do productivity the wrong way. Part of that is because of issues with micromanagement – needing to be in control and not giving people the autonomy that they needed. International speaker, best-selling author and podcast host Penny Zenker tackles productivity and our tug of war with time. Penny shares the app she’s developed to help you think and act more strategically. She also talks about managing more effectively, growing faster, aligning...... Read More
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