Becoming a Heart-repreneur

Cold. Calculating. Profit-oriented.   That’s how Dr. Terri Levine describes her experience in corporate America. As a senior executive in a major healthcare corporation, Terri was well on her way to becoming a rising star in the business world. And yet…something was off. While the company she worked for continued to generate substantial profit, the employee and client turnover rate was massive. A continuous revolving door of new faces was a fairly accurate indicator of...... Read More

It’s All About the Guest: Building Relationships and Adding Value

If you want to be the best, it’s only logical that you should learn from the best, right? This theory can be applied to any situation where a person desires to learn a new skill set or improve an existing system. Today, however, we’re focusing our attention on business success. Why do some people continually rise while others remain stagnant or burn out? For Bob Roark, it was more than just idle speculation – it...... Read More

Building an Influential Guest List with Dr. Diane Hamilton

  How do you measure success?   Well, in truth, that question is relative. After all, isn’t success determined by the goals and standards we set for ourselves? And there is definitely something to be said for that, but…in terms of podcasting… well, we’d say a 3-6 month waiting list for your internationally recognized CEOs and billionaire guests is probably about as close as you get to a quantifiable measurement.   Our featured guest today...... Read More

Copy And Websites That Stand Out with Rafael Romis

  In this highly competitive world, it is very important that your business should stand out; otherwise, you won’t make it. Rafael Romis from Generate Culture and founder and CEO of Weberous has a lot of experience when it comes to developing websites and helping people with their brands. He shares what he calls The Unicorn Principle, which is finding what makes you unique that your audience cares about. Once you have this down, you will...... Read More

A Profitable Podcast…Without an Audience?

It’s not all that often that you find a CEO whose story you can chronicle all the way from the gritty reality of a rehabilitation center to multimillion-dollar riches. But then again, Mitch Russo isn’t just any CEO. Born and raised in a small community called Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, Russo likens his childhood to being born into a family of entrepreneurs. “I started out selling candy on the streets of New York with my dad....... Read More

Managing And Maintaining Niche Blog Sites

  It is very important to distinguish the different kinds of products you sell, the services you provide, and the audiences you want to attract or speak to. Having multiple different domain names is a really good way to do that. You can have multiple domain names pointing into one website, and that is a really important thing to understand and to consider because you may have multiple brands. Tom talks about the pros and...... Read More

Podcast Voice Matters with Dr. Miluna Fausch

  We all have goals with our podcasts. Some of us aspire to become an authority in a particular niche or simply become an influencer that provides inspiration to other people. However, not many can effectively reach these goals because of one important thing, the voice. Our podcast voice matters in building influence and authority. Helping us with that is Dr. Miluna Fausch of the voice training company, Pitch Perfect Presentations. She talks about how...... Read More

A Unique Approach to Spiritual Healing with Debra Graugnard

All too often in life, the methodically structured and meticulously organized plans we make for ourselves seem to, well, unravel right in front of our eyes. As frustrating as it may be at times, it’s the nature of being human to never really know what’s around the next bend, or where its divergent path might lead you. For Debra Graugnard, that unexpected bend came in 1987, with a shotgun pressed against the small of her...... Read More

Playing to Your Strengths with Michael Zipursky

For the average consumer, getting professional, dependable advice usually means seeking out a consulting firm – and paying the subsequent fees, of course. But just where do the veteran consultant companies, experts and top 1% go when they themselves have unanswered questions? Well, to Michael Zipursky. Author of the Amazon Best-Seller, The Elite Consulting Mind, Michael Zipursky is also the CEO and Co-Founder of Consulting Success. A veritable legend in the consulting world, Zipursky has...... Read More

Super Brand Publishing: Podcasting Your Way To A Book with Juliet Dillon Clark

  There are so many things that podcasters do out there that doesn’t serve their interest. It’s the same with authors and speakers. There are so many tools that the world gives you that may not serve your best interest and serve you overall. Your authority and ability to sell your books or get speaking engagements is completely dependent on your platform and access to an audience. Juliet Dillon Clark developed her own publishing company, Super...... Read More
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