Recording Environment Tips

  Podcasting is the most significant source for audio content. With that being said, it is essential to note that you must have an environment that will not mess up your first and future podcast recordings. As we kick off our series of tech checks for our private client webinars, we dive into the tips or hacks to sounding like you are in a recording studio. Take a pen and paper and make sure you...... Read More

Recording The Perfect Podcast Introduction Episode

  A lot of people will agree that the first podcast episode is the most daunting. Since it is the do-or-die episode for every podcast host, it requires perfection and energy. Today, we give away the techniques and the three core components of a perfect podcast introduction episode. Learn how to nail your first one and make your listeners look forward to the upcoming episodes. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here:...... Read More

Center of Influence Podcasting with Jim Beach

  Podcasting may seem simple, but as with any marketing medium out there, the process requires analysis and tedious preparation. Jim Beach, the Founder of American Computer Experience, talks about how his book, School for Startups, became the force that made him create a podcast of the same name. Jim shares some interesting things about podcasting, including creating breakthrough products because of the interviews. He also shares some insights on how you can increase the...... Read More

Closing The Sale: The Three Questions You Need To Get A Yes To with Dov Gordon

  One of the greatest desires for many entrepreneurs out there is to lead generate – to find clients. However, this can be hard to do for some because it takes a lot of planning and using the right techniques or strategies to be able to not only connect but find the right people as well. Dov Gordon is the alchemist entrepreneur and a consultant for lead generation, but overall he is a master connector....... Read More

Designing Your Podcast with Mark SA Smith

Veteran Business Growth Strategist, Author, and Podcast Host Mark SA Smith, spends his on air time focusing on disruption. His podcast, the Selling Disruption Show, was recently ranked 9th best sales podcast by ZoomInfo, and if you know how many sales podcast are out there, you are definitely impressed right now. Disruptive Sales Live Given his background, it’s no surprise that Smith ended up hosting such a successful podcast. His process of systems and strategies...... Read More

Center of Influence – The PurposeGirl Podcast with Carin Rockind

  Your existence makes sense when you start to choose to live a purpose-driven life. The PurposeGirl Podcast host, Carin Rockind, unravels how she found the tenacity that led her to start a highly listenable podcast. A nationally-known motivational speaker, Carin gives away gold nuggets on the best ways to book great guests, increase listeners, produce a professional podcast, encourage engagement, and monetize your show. Also as a founder of Women’s Global Happiness Day, learn...... Read More

Purchasing And Selling Digital Assets with Adam Beebe

  A website is an asset. Especially for podcasters, you can build that website into a business or an asset that has real commercial value that you can sell. If you’re someone who is an investor and you want to buy a profitable asset that’s already generating revenue, there are sites like Latona’s that you can check out. Latona’s is a company that brokers online businesses, that is, websites in particular. Adam Beebe, an M&A...... Read More

Hitting the 100+ Episode Mark: Original Content, Strategies, and Feedback Are Where It’s At

Timothy Bush After spending 25+years in the retail industry, Timothy Bush- host of “On the Shelf”, has quite a bit of insider knowledge that he’s eager to share. His early days of retail were consumed with constant interaction with big box retailers, like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Toys R Us, and Office Depot. Soon after the markets began collapsing, Bush found himself transitioning into wholesale, a world where, in 2009, there was a lot of...... Read More

Center Of Influence Tips From The Secret Life Of Weddings with Lisa Mark And Rebecca Lozer

  Niching down your podcast always provides much value. Not only would it establish your authority in that space, but it would also foster a better connection and relationship with your audience. Sharing great stories, Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer of The Secret Life of Weddings Podcast take us back to when they started their podcast and how they have managed to grow it. From working behind the scenes, they have now come forward to...... Read More

Why the Most Important Thing You Can Be in Podcasting is Yourself

We talk often about authenticity in business, podcasting, and life in general, and there’s a good reason for that: authenticity sells. It’s not that simple, but there are several things that happen from the foundation of authenticity that create space for success. So, in the long run, authenticity does sell. In the short term, authenticity creates safe spaces, understanding, comfort, loyalty, and adds value. This process of success is something Esateys Stuchiner, host of the...... Read More
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