Why the Most Important Thing You Can Be in Podcasting is Yourself

We talk often about authenticity in business, podcasting, and life in general, and there’s a good reason for that: authenticity sells. It’s not that simple, but there are several things that happen from the foundation of authenticity that create space for success. So, in the long run, authenticity does sell. In the short term, authenticity creates safe spaces, understanding, comfort, loyalty, and adds value. This process of success is something Esateys Stuchiner, host of the...... Read More

Center Of Influence Tips From The Not Old – Better Show with Paul Vogelzang

  It’s never too late to pursue your passion and live a life of purpose. This has been the message of Paul Vogelzang, an award-winning blogger, writer, and producer who is well-known for his down to earth accessible reporting style. His podcast, The Not Old – Better Show, continuously provides advice and engaging conversations to the 50-plus age community. Paul shares how he got fired at the age of 58, the struggle he faced upon...... Read More

The Power Of Following Your True Path with Dustin Mathews

  More than passion and a heart filled with hopes and ambition, new beginnings are perfected by preparedness and a steadfast mindset. Dustin Mathews, Chief Education Officer at WealthFit, left a multi-million dollar company that he co-founded to pursue his mission of empowering others. He shares his amazing insights on career shifts and following your true path. He launches a podcast to continue to empower people with knowledge to explore unique ways to boost their...... Read More

The Perfect Pitch

“Mr. Harrington, I’m here to take you to the airport.” Ten simple words, that’s all it took to change Seth Greene’s life forever. In 2012, Seth got a call from a business associate who informed him that Kevin Harrington would be coming to his hometown of Buffalo, NY for the regional anniversary conference of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. After the initial shock wore off – “Are you serious? Nobody comes to Buffalo!” – Seth rescheduled his...... Read More

Center Of Influence Tips From The Mind Love Podcast with Melissa Monte

  Podcasting has proven its success in digital marketing as the primary source of audio content. This medium has helped a number of entrepreneurs to establish their voice and build authority and relationships. One that will shed light on this conquest is Melissa Monte, the host of the popular podcast Mind Love, a podcast that’s all about raw stories, personal experiences, inspiring interviews, and highlighting the incredible role that the mind plays in happiness, health,...... Read More

Avoiding Rookie Mistakes In Your Launch with Tracy of Product Launch Hazzards

The world of e-commerce has changed so much over the past few decades, and the speed is only accelerating, as we enter a new industrial revolution. Tracy Hazzard, co-host of Product Launch Hazzards, author, Inc. columnist, and product design expert, opened up about why she loves podcasting and what she brings to the table. Product Launch Hazzards is a podcast for e-sellers, e-commerce sellers, Amazon sellers, and those wanting to launch consumer goods into the...... Read More

Adding Value To Your Podcast Through SEO with Stephan Spencer

  In today’s aggressive digital market, it is important to be searchable, visible, and valuable. The secret sauce that your business absolutely needs is search engine optimization or SEO. Stephan Spencer, an internationally-recognized SEO expert, author of three bestselling SEO-focused books, professional speaker, consultant, and founder of NetConcepts, guides us on the fundamentals of SEO and shares tips on how improve your Google rankings. On top of that, he throws knowledge bombs on how you...... Read More

Wrapping Up International Women’s Day with Tracy Hazzard

  Podcasting is not just audio content but also a platform where you can grow an audience and build authority. On top of all that, it is certainly an effective approach to get your voice out there. International Women’s Day showcased the power of the voice a woman seizes. As we wrap up this celebration, it is truly grateful to have our guests, the great women podcasters, grace our show and give inspiration. In this...... Read More

For The Love Of Podcasting with Aleah Ava

  When you start a podcast, you have great plans about all the grandeur and how it will be. You tend to run a thousand miles to catch up with that ambition which will sometimes exhaust you and take the meaning and value out of what you’re doing. Aleah Ava, host of Addicted To Love, talks about the thrills, battles, and victories of running a podcast. Learn as she shares her journey, experiences, and joys...... Read More

I Can, I Shall, I WIll with Sean Entin & Taylor Smith

The topic of perseverance is widely discussed, but it’s not every day that we get to really see perseverance in action… that is, unless you’re dropping in on an episode of the Adventures in Health Podcast. Sean Entin, the self-identified heart of the show, and Taylor Smith, the self-identified expert of the show, are building something unique and amazing on their channel, and something we could all use a little more of. Adventures in Health...... Read More
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