Traditional PR and New Media Digital Marketing with Stefanie LaHart

This past year, Stefanie LaHart made her podcasting debut when she launched The TraDigital Talk Podcast, a show that explores the crossroads between traditional PR and new media digital marketing to help businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of their marketing budget. LaHart is committed to helping podcasters and entrepreneurs use their social media to build their audience, sell their products, and reach more customers. “You can have the best podcast in the world, but...... Read More

Podcast News at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019

  One of our roles in our businesses is to stay on top of new technological things. Tom recently attended the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 in San Diego. He talks about the latest podcast news, digital marketing, the Traffic & Conversion Summit, and some of what he experienced at the most recent one. He also delves into the opening keynote to the conference which directly applies to the podcasting industry. If you want to...... Read More

Generating Awareness and Solidarity Through Podcasts

Sobriety. For most of us, it’s a topic we’ll never have cause to explore. While we may each have our own individual vices and coping mechanisms, for the majority of the population, they remain relatively harmless and tend not to affect our relationships or day-to-day lives. Yet, for others, sobriety is more than just a word. It is a concept, a symbol, and a beacon of hope to strive for. For those battling addiction, the...... Read More

Defining Your Identity with Phoebe Mroczek

  As Simon Sinek puts it, you have to find your why to be a successful entrepreneur and leader. The importance of defining your purpose is unquestionable but it is not the same with Phoebe Mroczek – marketing strategist and podcast host of Unbecoming. She throws light on this belief as she explains why it is more important to define your who first before exposing your why. On the side, she gives her insights on...... Read More

Do It from the Heart: 3 Steps to Authentic Success with Amanda Biccum

Podcast host, Amanda Biccum, set out on her own personal development journey a decade ago. She spent her time immersing herself in topics ranging from mindfulness to tantra, and everything in between. During this time, Biccum realized her passion to serve with the knowledge she was gathering, and her coaching business was born. While Biccum joins the ranks of other Mindfulness and Holistic Wellness Coaches, there’s something very unique about the work she has committed...... Read More

Balance For Better Life And Harmony with Dr. Elizabeth Hoefer

  We’ve all heard people say that if it doesn’t hurt, don’t fix it. But what if you’re getting some symptoms and something just feels off? Dr. Elizabeth Hoefer, Blair-specific chiropractor and host of the podcast Is Your Head On Straight, says balance is huge. When you have balance and your body is in alignment, you feel fantastic and you’re not limited in your movement. Sharing how Blair chiropractic works, Dr. Hoefer highlights the importance...... Read More

The Secret to Podcasting Success: Niche Marketing

Niche. Niche. Niche. We can’t stress this enough. One of the quintessential keys to becoming successful with your podcast is identifying and targeting your approach to a specific niche audience – and no one knows this better than Scott Carson, CEO of We Close Notes. Scott has been involved with the real estate market for over 15 years and has been an active investor since 2002. However, seemingly at the peak of his career, Scott...... Read More

Productivity – Winning Our Tug Of War With Time with Penny Zenker

  So many people do productivity the wrong way. Part of that is because of issues with micromanagement – needing to be in control and not giving people the autonomy that they needed. International speaker, best-selling author and podcast host Penny Zenker tackles productivity and our tug of war with time. Penny shares the app she’s developed to help you think and act more strategically. She also talks about managing more effectively, growing faster, aligning...... Read More

Creating A Process That Works with Juliet Clark

Juliet Clark, host of the Promote, Profit, Publish podcast, joined Podetize when she began to realize how much more she could help entrepreneurs and authors through this untapped medium. For Clark, an expert not only in publishing but also high-level marketing, she knew if she could get her message out there, she could guide more people towards success. The reason Clark’s message is so unique, and needing to be heard, comes down to one word:...... Read More

How To Be Happy From Wherever You are with Dr. Marissa Pei

  We’re seeing a lot of really powerful Asian women emerging, and Dr. Marissa Pei is one of those. Dubbed as The Asian Oprah, Dr. Marissa is an organizational psychologist, a speaker, a consultant, a best-selling author and host of the podcast “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa.” She joins us to talk about her book, finding balance, podcasting, being happy from wherever you are, and enjoying life 88% of...... Read More
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