Podcast Guest Schedulers

  Doing things manually takes up so much of time and leads to inconsistency in gathering all the right data. For podcasters, when it comes to booking your guests, there is a very important tool that makes it easy for you to collect all of your guests’ data that you need to create your full podcast or blog posts. We call them podcast guest schedulers. Learn some of the good tools out there that you can...... Read More

Solo Podcasting: Generate Leads Without Guests

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. Maybe you have multiple aims, missions or goals that you’re trying to accomplish – and hey! We aren’t here to stop you! In fact, we think it’s a great thing. That’s why decided to reach out and talk with Joel Erway, the founder of Sold With Webinars and Experts Unleashed, to see what tips tricks and knowledge he could offer when it comes to running a dual business (and in...... Read More

Reasons Why Radio Shows Posting Podcasts Is Not Good For Your Brand

  Many people have been misled into being in radio shows. On top of that, most of the podcasters do not even have any idea how they are being poorly served. We tackle this hot topic as we clear up why radio shows posting podcasts is not good for your brand. From the audio quality to advertisements and listings, we look into how it could affect your podcast plays, listens, and ability to gain audience....... Read More

Integrative Brand Psychology: Creating That Spectacular Brand with Gina Hussar

  For most of us, the business we’ve put up is a product of our vision, our hopes, and our dreams. We’ve thought and crafted well every detail of this business including the logo which we believe is what represents our brand. Contrary to what most of us believe, brand is more than visuals. Integrative brand psychologist Gina Hussar sheds some light to the real meaning and purpose of a brand which most business owners...... Read More

The Fundamentals Of YouTube SEO with Deepak Shukla

  In this digital world, being on one platform is not enough. That is why a number of podcasters not only upload episodes for podcasting only. Some livestream on Facebook and convert it as an episode, while others finish an episode and upload it on YouTube. Giving us more insight when it comes to optimizing our videos is Deepak Shukla, SEO expert and founder and CEO of Pearl Lemon. He talks about YouTube SEO and shares different...... Read More

Overcoming Cultural Barriers with Podcasts

How do you define culture? It’s one of those tricky words, like love, that everyone understands but few can articulate. Is culture a series of familial traditions? Rituals? Rites? Shared beliefs and value systems? However you define culture, it is something that we are all inadvertently a part of. From social culture, to your personal heritage, and even the professional culture of your workplace – it’s a ubiquitous phenomenon. In fact, in many circumstances culture...... Read More

Creating A Super Tight Brand And Delivering A Brand Promise with Ellen Melko Moore

  One of the most important component of starting a business, a podcast, or any venture is the brand. Unlike what most people think of it, a brand is more than the look. It is not just what you see on the streets that is recognizable. Taking us deeper into that and helping us to create a great and super tight brand is Ellen Melko Moore of SuperTight Brand. She shows her superpowers as she...... Read More

Becoming A Center Of Influence Through Brandcasting

  When selling your brand, you need to be heard in order to get your marketing out there. The market has been saturated with different channels and stuff on the internet which does not make getting widely heard easier for any sellers. Tracy enlightens us on some techniques on how to get people to notice you and get attracted to you. She shares how you can bring the “it factor” so that despite the many...... Read More

The Secret to Podcasting Success: Niche Marketing

Niche. Niche. Niche. We can’t stress this enough. One of the quintessential keys to becoming successful with your podcast is identifying and targeting your approach to a specific niche audience – and no one knows this better than Scott Carson, CEO of We Close Notes. Scott has been involved with the real estate market for over 15 years and has been an active investor since 2002. However, seemingly at the peak of his career, Scott...... Read More

Becoming a Heart-repreneur

Cold. Calculating. Profit-oriented.   That’s how Dr. Terri Levine describes her experience in corporate America. As a senior executive in a major healthcare corporation, Terri was well on her way to becoming a rising star in the business world. And yet…something was off. While the company she worked for continued to generate substantial profit, the employee and client turnover rate was massive. A continuous revolving door of new faces was a fairly accurate indicator of...... Read More
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