It’s All About Google Power Content

Whether you like it or not, Google does hold the keys to the castle of marketing on the internet today. All the pay-per-click values are assigned by them, and they are the place that you buy and pay for ads. At the end of the day, the key to ranking on Google and being able to make money through your content comes down to the written content. With 1.2 billion websites on it, the entire...... Read More

Finding Your Niche’ With Marco Santarelli

When it comes to the topic of cultivating a passive income, many eyes have turned towards the power of real estate as a way to capture and sustain financial freedom. For Marco Santarelli, the path before him was clear – and it would begin with a townhouse. At just 18 years old, Santarelli purchased, rehabbed, and managed his first piece of real estate property alone. That is, without a single book, training seminar, mentor, or...... Read More

Your Worst Enemy In Podcasting Is… You?

Is Your Head on Straight? For Liz Hoefer, a Blair Cervical Chiropractic doctor, the question is a literal one. It encompasses both the rhetorical and the physical well-being of your overall health. While Liz’s work focuses primarily on the way your head is situated on your neck, and its alignment in comparison to the desired natural positioning, she also tackles the metaphysical incongruencies that often arise in life to throw us for a loop. Her...... Read More

YouTube Video Titling Best Practices

  In order to be found, you need to be searchable. To be searchable, your brand must transcend across audiences. The online world has made this very crucial. With so many competitions around, it is easier to get drowned and be lost. One of the best places where people search is YouTube and having a good title is very important. Tracy gives out the best YouTube Video Titling practices. Learn how to configure your titles,...... Read More

Behavior, Podcasting, and Influence with Jon Levy

What happens when you mix a behavioral scientist with Indiana Jones? As Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness, said, Jon Levy is what happens. Podcasting and behavioral science might at first glance appear to be two diametrically opposite ideas, have actually become one man’s supplementary marketing strategy in a rising career centered around influencers, public speaking, and high-profile consulting. It’s often said that true innovation comes from thinking outside...... Read More

Building a Speaker Platform One Episode at a Time

John Livesay’s Podcast Is Pitch Perfect   Few things in life can compare to the satisfaction of watching your hard work come to fruition. For John Livesay, honorably dubbed “The Pitch Whisperer”, the journey to becoming a renowned podcast host, keynote sales speaker, and storytelling guru was no exception. A rising star in several of his business ventures, Livesay has been featured in Forbes Magazine, made appearances on ABC, Fox News, and even performed as...... Read More

Pro Speaking Tips For Women

  Some, if not most of us here, aspire to be speakers some day to impart to the world the things we can add to the greater knowledge and to ultimately inspire. Yet it can be challenging to do it, especially if you’ve never had formal training or if you find how most of the coaches are men. However, we women are different and need different things. We prepare differently and therefore speak differently. Tracy...... Read More

Tactical And Strategic Podcast Selling Tips with Mark S A Smith

  Disruption is happening all around us all the time. When we look at the things that are going on in the social world and the way that the world is marketing today, the way that we’re selling is disrupting and everything is upending itself. Business growth strategist Mark S A Smith has been at the forefront of all that for decades now. He has a great understanding and insight into how customers think, how...... Read More

Does Podcast Episode Order Really Matter?

  Many people who want to get into podcasting would naturally overlook this question: “Does Podcast episode order really matter?” Tracy dives in deep and gives you answers by saying it does while taking you into the steps on how to do it. The order is the journey you want to take your listeners to. It is then very vital that you get it right and make sure that you’ve figured out the purpose of...... Read More

What Does Podcast Brand Authority Really Mean?

  People who are starting their podcasts or even those who are still thinking of it yet must know the importance of podcast brand authority. In fact, it is one of the motivators why people start their podcasting. It helps establish them to become an authority or an expert in their industries. However, this is not as simple as it sounds and that’s why we’re going to explore what does podcast brand authority really means....... Read More
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