Efficient Time-Management Strategies For Your Podcast

If there’s one resource that everyone can agree is infinitely precious, it’s time.
We yearn for more of it, we curse it when it’s gone, we keep track of it, we log it, we live by it. In short, it’s how we organize the minute details of everyday life. But how in control of time are you? Do you use your time efficiently or do you find that you’re always one step behind where you’d like to be? Learning to strategically leverage our time can vastly improve the quality of life that we lead. No one knows this better than podcast host, Penny Zenker.
Honorably proclaimed, “Philadelphia’s most reputed motivational speaker”, Penny Zenker is a master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitionerLH1] business coach, and bestselling author of The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time. Her chief specialties lie in time and resource management and how best to optimize and leverage these systems in your work and home life. Zenker has been featured in Forbes Magazine, was a guest speaker for TEDx, and even coached with the great Tony Robbins himself.

Whew, talk about an impressive resume!
Between her obligations as a strategic business coach and a mom, Penny also finds time to host her insightful podcast Take Back Time. Throughout her biweekly episodes, she interviews thought-leaders, influencers, and experts in time-management to shed light on strategies you can use to increase productivity and leadership. She was kind enough to pencil us into her busy schedule so that we could explore some of these tips, tricks, and nuggets of wisdom she has to offer.
When asked about why she chose to use podcasting as her medium of delivery, and not YouTube, books, articles, or other relevant outlets, Penny told us:
“Being more efficient and effective with our time can come across in a lot of ways…I chose podcasts because it’s a perfect “take-back” time. People are in their cars, they’re on the go, but fundamentally this is unused time and a lot of people have a desire to feed their brain. They want to fill that space with learning.”
And she’s not wrong.

The latest statistics from Podcast Insights show that nearly a quarter (22%) of all podcast listening done in the U.S., is done while driving (ROSS, 2018). That’s a lot of people out there trying to multitask. But…how does that relate to becoming a podcast host?
Well, as the podcast market becomes more and more saturated with new content, the race against – you got it – time, becomes more and more critical. That means getting your podcast legs underneath you and your show off the ground with as few stumbling blocks as possible, should be the first and foremost goal in your mind.
Of course, we had to ask the time-management expert what advice she would give to new podcasters on just how to save time and frustration when first starting out. After all, creating a podcast from scratch isn’t something most people inherently know how to do.

Her reply?
“Work with you guys…Seriously. They [new users] should find a platform that makes it easy for them to set up and deliver their content. Systems create leverage.”
Fundamentally, this makes perfect sense. If you want to save time on your podcast, especially at the beginning when you are unfamiliar with the production process and equipment needed, streamlining the parts that aren’t essential for you to be focusing on can make the transition much more seamless. That means more content and faster delivery. Which brings us to Penny’s next piece of advice…Focus.
“Be committed to it,” Zenker says. “You can’t approach it with a ‘well let’s see how this goes’ attitude… you have to be prepared to see the whole process through.”
It may seem counterintuitive, but Penny argues that sitting down now and dedicating the necessary time each week to creating quality content, especially as a beginner, will ultimately save you valuable time later on.
We couldn’t agree more.
The decision to create a podcast comes with the subsequent responsibilities of putting in the right amount of effort to see it succeed… and on the other side of that success is opportunity. “Podcasting has opened doors for me to meet and connect with people I would have never had the chance to otherwise.”
For a more in-depth analysis on how to reclaim and leverage your time, check out Zenker’s episode, Get Into The Productivity Zone.