When it comes to the topic of cultivating a passive income, many eyes have turned towards the power of real estate as a way to capture and sustain financial freedom. For Marco Santarelli, the path before him was clear – and it would begin with a townhouse.

At just 18 years old, Santarelli purchased, rehabbed, and managed his first piece of real estate property alone. That is, without a single book, training seminar, mentor, or counseling. The bold move eventually paid dividends and provided Marco with his entry into what would later become his lifelong calling: real estate investing.

These days, Santarelli, founder and president of Norada Real Estate Investments, enjoys helping everyday people become savvy real estate investors by building quality rental portfolios that generate passive, consistent income. His widely circulated podcast, Passive Real Estate Investing, takes a unique approach to the topic by not only offering his own insight as a long-term investor, but also the advice of other key players in the real estate sector. His impressive guest list has included asset protection attorneys, financial authors, and high-level investing experts.

That being said, Santarelli would be the first to tell you that his show is not about selling anything – to anyone. “It’s not a sales pitch, it’s not an infomercial, it is really content rich. The idea is to educate.” When asked what specific actions or aspects of his podcast make the show unique, Santarelli responded:

“We are targeting a niche, and the niche is the real estate investor that wants to be just a real estate investor. Not a ‘’ or a ‘’ like you see on TV.”

In fact, one of the reasons that Marco has been so successful in his podcast career, is his ability to identify and leverage his audience’s desires. He notes, “I think at the end of the day, the core of it is good content. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. If you provide content that your audience wants, that they need and desire, that’s really the key of it.” Frankly, we couldn’t agree more.

Three years and over one hundred episodes later, it’s not a far cry to say that Marco has become a veteran in the process of content creation and marketing. But where did it all start? What drives a successful investor, entrepreneur, and real estate expert to delve into the world of podcasting?

Santarelli acquiesced that it wasn’t always clear that podcasting would be the final outcome. “I was on the fence for a long time between starting a YouTube Channel and a podcast.”

Eventually, Marco decided that he “needed to get in the game.” The decision to create a podcast over a YouTube Channel was primarily the result of two reasons. The first, was the steadily growing popularity of podcasting as a medium to market and build a professional network. The second reason had more to do with demographics. After meticulous research, Santarelli came to the conclusion that the basic profile of those individuals who listened to podcasts regularly, tended to be in their late twenties to early forties, with a moderate-to-high net income. In comparison, YouTube listeners tended both younger and less financially stable. This information allowed him to make a calculated decision from a place of knowledge and confidence.

As another amazing success story in the Brandcasting roster, we asked Marco what advice, if any, he would give to someone that has just made the decision to begin their own podcast.

His thoughts are as follows:

1.)  Focus On A Niche

“Pick a niche, as clearly as possible. The more focused and specific you can be, the better off your show will perform. If you have a broad general topic, it’s not going to attract a lot of people – serious people.” This is a great point! There is an unstated belief that if you go with a more general topic, you’ll have a higher chance of casting a wide net of audience members. The truth is, however, that specificity is the name of the game. By clearly defining your ideas, themes and goals, you will attract the kind of quality listeners who will continue to revisit your show, episode after episode.

  2.) Content: Quality Over Quantity

Marco hit the nail right on the head when he said that, “content seems to be the king of everything when it comes to podcasting”. That’s why it’s critically important, especially when you are first starting out, to give your listeners something valuable, entertaining, and worthwhile to listen to. Rather than centralizing your focus on getting your show out there as quickly as possible, devote your time to making quality, content-driven episodes.

  3.) Professional Production

The devil is in the nowhere is that more apparent than in podcast production. A superb episode can be ruined by what you might initially think are the most inconsequential components. Things like faulty microphones, loud AC units in the background and regular static dead giveaways that your podcast has not been produced professionally. While it may sound like overstatement, we promise it’s not. Sound quality matters! As Santarelli says, “you need to sound polished”. Think about it, bad sound quality on a podcast is like the equivalent of showing up to an interview in jeans and a hoodie – it’s a telltale sign that you aren’t taking it seriously.
Finally, if you have a vested interest in learning more about the real estate market, how to become an investor, and what first steps you need to take, we recommend starting with Marco’s “What Is Passive Real Estate?”. In details the in’s and out’s of all things real estate, including some key terminology you’ll need forward. Good luck and happy investing!