The topic of perseverance is widely discussed, but it’s not every day that we get to really see perseverance in action… that is, unless you’re dropping in on an episode of the Adventures in Health Podcast. Sean Entin, the self-identified heart of the show, and Taylor Smith, the self-identified expert of the show, are building something unique and amazing on their channel, and something we could all use a little more of.

Adventures in Health

As an uber-successful entrepreneur, living his best life on the beaches of San Diego, Entin talks about how he started training with the Navy Seals. It was during this time that Entin suffered a traumatic injury, resulting in a massive stroke, which in turn left him in a coma. The fact that he lived to tell his story is amazing and experiencing this through their podcast episodes is so inspiring. “They told me I would probably never walk again. You know, we all have a journey, and no matter where you are or what you’re doing, it can all change in a second.”

The Path to Recovery

Of course, the pity parties came, and the “why me?”’s but they were short-lived. Entin, a father and husband, had people relying on him, and he knew he needed to change course and get on the path to recovery. It was during this time that he was introduced to his podcast partner Taylor Smith, one of the originators at BulletProof, and culinary/gut health expert. Smith points out, “The thing about recovery is that we’re all in some state of recovery in life. It may not always be traumatic, but we are all in such a constant state of transition, and I think that is why a lot of people benefit from our content and the guests we have on.”

Seeking Inspiration + Knowledge

For many podcast listeners, they are generally looking for niche information, or looking for inspiration, and sometimes both. The Adventures in Health Podcast is serving up both, by highlighting the journeys of amazing human beings who have beaten the odds and made inspiring comebacks, and by bringing in medical experts and healers to share their knowledge on coming back from trauma and recovery. As Entin so wisely puts it, “No two journeys are alike, but all are raw, real, and revealing. Common themes like fear, pain, perseverance, loneliness, and hope pop up like road signs along the way as we explore what it means to move from merely surviving to thriving.”

Living A New Mantra

During Entin’s darkest days, he relied on a mantra to get him through. The words, “I can, I shall, I will” on repeat is part of what he credits his recovery success to. “I just decided I was going to get up, and I was going to walk, and I used this mantra to get me through.”

The Journey is Everything

“Podcasting has been really amazing for us, and we are just getting started. And Podetize has really made our jobs so much easier because we can handle what’s happening behind the microphone, and our Podetize team can handle what’s happening behind the scenes, and we really love that.” Entin and Smith’s journey into podcasting has given them a very unique and inside perspective on why podcasting is the medium they rely on to reach so many people who are out there, on their own journey, trying to find a place where they can grow, connect, and feel at home. The most important insights this dynamic duo shared were as follows:

1. Podcasting provides accessibility. Listeners and followers have a lot of freedom to listen where they want, when they want, how they want, and this type of accessibility doesn’t really exist in all the other mediums out there.

2. Everything is so specialized. We always say, the more unique, the more niche-y, the better, which allows very specific connections, and we have found this to be very productive.

3. The listener is in control of their journey. You can tune in at any moment of any day and hear the exact message or content that you need in that moment, and that is very powerful.

Whether your recovery path is emotional, physical, or anything in between, if you hope to make it an adventure, we know just the place to send you.