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FYB 70 | Building Podcast Impact
Underneath everything we have done as podcasters, what we most want is for us to have an impact on other people’s lives. That is the true measure of success and Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. shows the ways and importance of building podcast impact. As a bestselling author, internationally-recognized authority on business acceleration, President and CEO of Professional Impact, Inc, she brings a number of great and valuable insights on what it truly means to have a
FYB 69 | Apple Top Podcast Charts
We’ve all encountered a number of promises from various marketing sources offering some hacks that could get your podcast top the Apple charts. But these promises tend to not live up to what they say, and so you need to pay extra close attention to this: know the difference between subscribers and listeners. Many claim that they could boost your podcast all the way to the top by gaining you a number of subscribers. However,
FYB 68 | PowerPress
In this day and age, sticking to one platform for your business or show is not enough. People are everywhere; that is why you need to spread out more to get more connection and reach more people. This method is called syndication; and here, we break down the things you need to know about how to do it. Starting off with the announcement of Blubbry about their PowerPress plugins, we relate that to what it
FYB 67 | Leveraging Publicity
Many people don’t make the most out of the publicity and the press they get. You know how hard it is to get someone to write about you; it’s a little easier getting podcast interviews. Still, leveraging publicity and those interviews as well is important. What can you do to make the most out of the publicity, the press, and the interviews that you are getting? Tracy shares three categories of things that you should
FYB 66 | Messenger Marketing
Many of us in business are very familiar with using a sales funnel. We’ve all heard about sales funnel and/or used them as ways to market our business, Facebook Messenger marketing using chatbots in particular, which are like ClickFunnels but within Facebook Messenger exclusively. This is becoming increasingly popular because of the rates of responsiveness and conversion. Ian Smith from Evolve Media is one of the premier experts in doing this. Ian shares what’s unique
FYB 65 | Explicit Podcasts
As podcasters, we come to a point where we have to question whether we should list our podcast as explicit or not. Sometimes, no matter how much we keep our show clean, we can’t help but have people come in for an interview and utter words that are unrestrained or uncensored. So where should you place yourself in this dilemma between explicit and non-explicit podcasts? Follow through as we take a little dive into the
Whether you like it or not, Google does hold the keys to the castle of marketing on the internet today. All the pay-per-click values are assigned by them, and they are the place that you buy and pay for ads. At the end of the day, the key to ranking on Google and being able to make money through your content comes down to the written content. With 1.2 billion websites on it, the entire
In order to be found, you need to be searchable. To be searchable, your brand must transcend across audiences. The online world has made this very crucial. With so many competitions around, it is easier to get drowned and be lost. One of the best places where people search is YouTube and having a good title is very important. Tracy gives out the best YouTube Video Titling practices. Learn how to configure your titles, descriptions,

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