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Get off the marketing roller coaster and get on the automated fast track to digitally market your brand everywhere now. Imagine easily broadcasting messages, saving time, optimizing your results and building a platform that organically grows Real Fans & Qualified Clients. Join Podcast Producer, Tom Hazzard and Inc. Columnist, Tracy Hazzard, as they share easy Content Building Formulas and Smart Cut Secrets proven to fuel hundreds of blogs, podcasts and brands with binge-able original content. Join the conversation on how to get your message to out to the world. Consistently and constantly fill your online presence to accelerate your Brand Authority & Generate More Revenue. Be original. Be heard. Promote with power and purpose. Feed Your Brand!





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As Brandcasters for entrepreneurs, authors & experts, husband and wife team, Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard help major publications, sports stars, and entrepreneurial influencers broadcast their original messages. A highly successful inventor and product designer, Tom has been rethinking brand innovation to build in authority and high-converting revenue streams. Tracy brings an insider media/promotion perspective as an Innovation Columnist for Inc., best-selling author and international speaker. Together, they are blog writers and co-hosts for Feed Your Brand, Product Launch Hazzards & WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcasts providing businesses of all sizes a system to spread their marketing message, grow a valuable audience, and retain valuable platform authority without a lot of time, cost or effort.

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Episode Blogs

FYB IWD 11 | Choose Happiness
  Happiness is a choice, whether we know that or not. It is the main core of what people truly desire. Life coach Esateys Stuchiner says oftentimes, we cover our happiness with so many belief systems, programs, and ideas of how we’re supposed to be that we fail to allow ourselves to feel the happiness of what it is being in the moment that brings to us. Esateys co-hosts the Relationships Done Different podcast with
FYB IWD 10 | Love Addiction
  Every relationship has its own distinctive struggles and not one is faultless. Despite each struggle, what keeps a relationship tough and unyielding is love. Couples going through relationship challenges tend to fix it their way but when all else fails, Aleah Ava could be the one you need. A women’s love addiction mentor, recovering love addict, feeling advocate, and podcast host of Addicted To Love, she sheds light on the difference between love and
FYB IWD 09 | Building Relationships
  No man is an Island and you can’t make it to the end without building relationships. Carolyn Rivera, the host of The Carolyn Rivera Show, shares her thoughts about connecting and building relationships with people. When you want to be successful, you’ve got to fill in those gaps because everyone is going to have different skill sets that they would be bringing to the table. Carolyn highlights the significance of connecting with people regardless