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Get off the marketing roller coaster and get on the automated fast track to digitally market your brand everywhere now. Imagine easily broadcasting messages, saving time, optimizing your results and building a platform that organically grows Real Fans & Qualified Clients. Join Podcast Producer, Tom Hazzard and Inc. Columnist, Tracy Hazzard, as they share easy Content Building Formulas and Smart Cut Secrets proven to fuel hundreds of blogs, podcasts and brands with binge-able original content. Join the conversation on how to get your message to out to the world. Consistently and constantly fill your online presence to accelerate your Brand Authority & Generate More Revenue. Be original. Be heard. Promote with power and purpose. Feed Your Brand!





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Creating original content is the name of the game today. It is the key to increasing traffic to your website and to increase Google keyword ranking. The best foundational way to build your platform, grow an audience, and organically market and grow your business and exposure on the internet is through creating written content. And the most efficient way to do that is to use podcasting or videocasting as a tool, then convert it into
One of the major concerns for podcasts is having great guests. Jennifer Spencer, however, believes it goes both ways. She says that to attract better guests, you have to be a better podcast host. You have to improve the game on the host level. You don’t rely on either having a host do everything or having the guest do everything. It should be a joint collaborative effort to really make the most out of every
Inc. is a top American weekly magazine that publishes articles about small businesses and startups and features everything you need to know to start and grow your business. It is also one of the best platforms to get your voice heard because the power of that bigger media name next to yours holds a great level of authority. Being a columnist for Inc. really does help give more authority and more power to your brand.
We often hear about the open loop technique to inspire curiosity and spur action. But what is it really? For most of us, open loop content is a mystery or a teaser. It’s what keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat. Open loop content is effective at getting and keeping your audience’s attention because our brains are wired to seek closure or fill in the blanks. This works on the premise that open
The digital world is always changing and SEO or Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot in the last ten years. It has become unnecessary in the world of digital marketing and in the world of your website today. With 1.3 billion websites today, it’s hard to be heard on Google. But believe it or not, it is not necessary for you to have an SEO manager who helps you get search engine optimization on
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Whether you like it or not, Google does hold the keys to the castle of marketing on the internet today. All the pay-per-click values are assigned by them, and they are the place that you buy and pay for ads. At the end of the day, the key to ranking on Google and being able to make money through your content comes down to the written content. With 1.2 billion websites on it, the entire
What defines an influencer? It’s one of the most important things to look into when you’re trying to find the perfect podcast influencer to guest on your show. You may easily think anybody who’s very high profile in media, whether that’s old school media such as print, TV and radio or social media, somebody who has a lot of exposure and who’s always under the limelight is probably an influencer. It is not always so.
Is it better to be a podcast host or a bestselling author? Which one has more authority? We think being a podcast host before trying to put out a book can have more influence nowadays. Having a podcast can actually help you when you do release a book. If you check it out, the number of podcast hosts being interviewed on regular late night shows and political shows are tremendously increasing in frequency and popularity.

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