Chris Seveney and Gail Greenberg

In the real estate industry, there are niches, and then there’s mortgage notes. The experts and executives working this ultra-niche are a small club and you’d be hard pressed to find a team working notes. Unless you were referring to Chris Seveney and Gail Greenberg.

The Deeds Dynamic Duo

Chris is a Construction & Real Estate Executive who has managed over $750M of commercial real estate development since 1997 throughout the Northeast & Mid Atlantic. He is currently a Director of Construction for a large Washington, D.C. based developer. Gail has broad real estate experience having flipped houses, invested in large multi-family properties and bought and managed student housing properties at Philadelphia’s Temple University for out-of-state investors. With all of this experience, Seveney and Greenberg set out to help others, in their very small industry, understand the pros and cons of various real estate strategies for the passive investor.

Making An Impact

When it comes to real estate, most people think about flipping houses or rental properties as the only ways to get a good return on your investments but Seveney and Greenberg use their expertise in the mortgage notes and deeds arena to keep their podcast episodes flowing, and they are just getting started.  

Good Deeds

On their podcast, Good Deeds Note Investing, Seveney and Greenberg dedicate their time to helping their listeners build wealth for themselves while helping others, something they call Impact Investing.

“In mortgage notes and you can achieve better-than-average returns while helping distressed borrowers stay in their homes.”

They also help their listeners, who are new to the industry, determine whether or not Note Investing is a good fit.

Is Note Investing For You? Yes, If…

  • You have funds just sitting and earning little.
  • You worry that the stock market can plummet again at anytime.
  • You’d like to be in real estate but don’t want the extreme challenges of being a flipper or landlord.
  • You want your investment to be secured by real property

Note Investing lets you “Become the Bank.” You own an interest in real estate—your investment is secured by the property—and get monthly payments like a landlord but don’t have the daily struggle of making repairs and chasing tenants for rent. Learn more in the video below.

Podcasting Goals

These partners have laid out some great goals for their podcast.

By reaching listeners, where they are, we hope to become a recognized leader in our industry. We are reliable and we have a lot of knowledge in our industry and, we want listeners to know that, but we also want them to have access to the knowledge. If we can help them figure out their investment path, we’ve made an impact.”

Let’s Be Honest

With any new venture, there will be challenges, and getting their podcast up and running was no different.

  • Challenge: overcoming modesty. It usually takes podcasters a few episodes to realize that, yes planning is important, and having a strategy and goals going in is key, but there is only so much planning you can do. At some point, you just have to jump in, and trust that what you have to share, others need to hear.
  • Challenge: Moving away from the “shiny new things syndrome”.  In real estate, everyone talks about cashing those big checks, and the best return they’ve ever made… which is great, but the most successful podcasts move into the nitty gritty territory. The shows we see success the most are real, conversational, authentic, honest, and share the ups with the downs.

Simplicity + Authenticity = The Formula for Success

Podetize allows podcasters to focus on their message, and keep it simple. Because the Podetize team takes care of everything on the detail and technical side,  hosts aren’t bogged down with all of that, and can focus on being authentic, sharing what they know, and keeping it simple. When hosts aren’t bogged down in the stresses of the details, they can really offer the best of themselves to their listeners.  

“Nobody’s perfect. We mess up the intro or the closing- but the reality of it is that we are all human and that’s why we brought in Podetize. They edit and take care of the details, and we can focus on sharing what we know and bringing value.”