Is Your Head on Straight?

For Liz Hoefer, a Blair Cervical Chiropractic doctor, the question is a literal one. It encompasses both the rhetorical and the physical well-being of your overall health. While Liz’s work focuses primarily on the way your head is situated on your neck, and its alignment in comparison to the desired natural positioning, she also tackles the metaphysical incongruencies that often arise in life to throw us for a loop. Her podcast, Is Your Head on Straight?,  is a charming mix of personal success stories, scientific study, and insight from various thought leaders on topics ranging from finance to women’s leadership.
In 2012, Dr. Hoefer was voted New Chiropractor of the Year for the Orange County District of the CCA. Once more, in 2015 she was awarded the Blair Chiropractor of the Year. As if her merits and recognitions didn’t speak for themselves, Liz also finds the time to volunteer in her community, host seminars and workshops, and run her own podcast where she acts as both journalist and mentor.
What’s particularly interesting about Liz’s journey into the realm of podcasting is that it defies a lot of widely held beliefs. Beliefs like, “you must have a large pre-established social media following if you want to podcast,” or “you have to be very tech-savvy,” or even “you have to know what you are going to talk about and how you are going to make money before you start.” The truth is, these ideas are just misconceptions. In fact, what holds most people back from beginning their own podcast, or any creative endeavor for that matter, is their own beliefs about their lack of knowledge, skill, or other pertinent requirements for the task at hand.
The funny thing is, that’s exactly what Is Your Head On Straight? is all about.
As Liz puts it, her biggest fear in beginning her own podcast was, “putting myself out there.” This was despite encouragement from both friends and family that her stories and her insight were valuable and could offer meaning to other people’s lives. And this is true of so many people that begin to take the first steps, or even to plan the idea of their first podcast.
When asked about how she overcame these initial fears and hesitations, Liz was dead accurate (and brutally honest) when she said, “I had to get over myself. I realized I wasn’t doing this for the haters, I was doing it for the people who want to be inspired.”
And in the end, that’s all there is to it.
You don’t have to know your audience on a personal level before you begin. Nor do you need to have a requisite number of followers on a given platform. At its heart, Liz’s podcast is about spreading awareness, “to let people know there’s something different out there, specifically related to chiropractic medicine” and that’s why it has been successful – because it’s honest and authentic, and most of all it, offers practical value to her listeners. Liz is the first to admit her intentions behind the creation of her podcast were not monetary; “It’s not like I did this podcast to gain more new patients.” And that’s great!
Not every podcast needs to be constructed the same way or for the same outcome! Don’t be afraid to be different and add your own unique voice, flavor, personality, etc. to the mix!
And if you’re at the very, very beginning and you don’t know how to start? You’re totally and completely lost – what should you do?
Let us help you!
About her experience with Brandcasters so far, Liz had this to say:
“They have given me so much guidance and direction on how to keep moving forward. They even helped me understand all the technical components and different aspects of the equipment I needed. One step at a time, I followed their instructions, and before I knew it, I had produced a podcast.”
Our sole purpose at Brandcasters is to help you get your feet under you when it comes to podcasting, and to make the transition as smooth as possible. From the initial set up, all the way to your 100th episode, we’ll be here for you.
Remember, “you aren’t doing this for the haters, you’re doing it for the people want to be inspired”, so get out there and be someone’s inspiration today!


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